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About The Founder

Shubi Husain is a renowned nutritionist, lifestyle celebrity, entrepreneur, diet, fitness and weight loss expert. A Bachelors in food and nutrition and post graduate from Lady Irwin College (Delhi University) in the field of dietetics and nutrition, Ms Husain is recognized for her research work in the field of obesity management with particular emphasis in developing new and effective ways to combat obesity.

Who are we ?

Right Nutrition is a company specialized in production and trading of organic foods. Wetake pride in high quality standards and impeccable production environment, which ensure flexibility and reliability to our customers.

Our Mission

To promote and convey the inspiring energy of free choice by connecting consumers tohealthy lifestyle and clean natural foods, grown with care.

Our Brand

Our BrandRight Nutrition – Right Nutrition with amazing taste and impressive wholesomeness which will convince you that healthy and tasty go hand in hand. Right Nutrition brand is built with the holistic approach to wholesome and tasty nutrition

How are we better than all other brands ?

Right Nutrition company is founded by clinical Nutritionist and weight mandates expert Ms Shubi Husain providing healthy options to all. Once you eat Right Nutrition food products, you are eating trans fat free, nutritious and health promoting ingredients, devoid of any artificial color or toxic addition. Most of are products are especially vegan, they are gluten free, no artificial colors added, complete organic matter, with no toxic additives and no preservatives.